The Importance of Eye Protection during Laser Procedures

How important is eye protection during laser procedures?
A laser is a light-emitting device that works by optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In medicine, the laser has become the magical light in practice. A wide range of applications, such as skin care procedures, surgeries, and dental procedures, makes lasers highly acceptable among clinicians. From the patient’s perspective, the Laser has several advantages compared to its conventional counterpart, such as the scalpel. As the laser light can cut through the tissues, it can also potentially harm your tissues while you get exposed to it during the procedure. The most commonly affected organ is the eye. Nevertheless, Laser remains one of the best treatment options for excellent and painless healing with little to no scarring.How does a laser harm the eye?
Laser light can vary in wavelength. The light that reaches the lens of your eye becomes a small spot on which all the light from the laser is focused. Looking directly into the laser can cause retinal damage through various mechanisms, such as a biochemical reaction within the eye that causes cell damage in the retina or an increase in temperature, causing thermal damage to the retinal tissues. Either way, it can lead to an injury that may affect your vision and the overall health of your eyes. Prolonged exposure without safety glasses can lead to irreversible damage.

Common issues associated with eye damage from lasers
The most common eye damage from lasers typically presents as unclear vision. Individuals with ocular damage from lasers usually experience an immediate reduction in vision in one or both eyes based on the severity of the injury. Patients typically notice a bright flash of light, even with invisible laser beams, followed by an immediate decrease in the vision of the affected eyes. While most eye damage is reversible with appropriate treatment, the symptoms may worsen with repeated exposure and ignorance. The clinicians performing laser procedures should have expertise regarding the safety of the staff and patients.

How does laser-protective eyewear prevent eye damage?
Serious problems can arise from retinal injury. One can effectively prevent eye damage from lasers using laser filtration glasses, commonly referred to as laser safety eyewear. This eyewear has filters designed to reduce the intensity of the laser light entering your eye, thus preventing an injury to the retina. Patients can also use a disposable laser shield or barrier.

Preventing unintentional injuries using necessary safety equipment is the key to a successful practice. Visit our online store or send our laser safety officers an email at to determine your protection needs.