Filter Selection Table

FilterVLT %
GP271%OD 5OD 7OD 4OD 4OD 4OD 4
GP464%OD 4OD 8OD 8OD 4OD 4OD 4OD 4
GP555.5%OD 2OD 3OD 6OD 6OD 6OD 6
GP664%OD 7OD 7OD 7OD 7
GP755.5%OD 5OD 7OD 7OD 7OD 7
GP848%OD 6OD 7OD 7
GP925%OD 5OD 5
FilterVLT %515532595633650694755810940-980106415502100294010600
Pi165%OD 5
Pi250%OD 4OD 5OD 7
Pi335%OD 7OD 6OD 7
Pi445%OD 6.5OD 5OD 5OD 7
Pi59%OD 6
PP1054%OD 5OD 7
PP1210.6%OD 5OD 5OD 6OD 6OD 6OD 7
PP1582%OD 5
PP1641%OD 6OD 6OD 6
PP1782%OD 7
PP1885%OD 7OD 7
PP2635%OD 7OD 7
PN136%OD 3OD 5
PN223%OD 6
PN356%OD 1.5OD 1.5OD 7
FilterVLT %515532595633650694755810940-980106415502100294010600
GT140%OD 7OD 5OD 5OD 5OD 7OD 4OD 4OD 4OD 4
GT365%OD 7OD 7OD 5OD 7OD 4OD 4OD 4OD 4

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