How Laser Loupe Filtration Glasses can Safeguard your Practice

The use of lasers has changed surgical practices forever. The precision of incisions and improved healing at the surgical site are the main advantages of lasers in surgical practice, as opposed to a traditional scalpel method.

When it comes to eyewear and protection, most clinicians, especially dentists, prefer surgical loupes while performing procedures in small areas such as the oral cavity. Magnification from the loupes help in achieving optimized procedure outcomes. It also helps reduce post-operative pain and discomfort by minimizing unintentional trauma to adjacent tissues while improving the clinician’s visibility, access, and posture. Together, laser and loupes enhance the quality of the treatment delivered. However, the possibility of eye damage from laser light can increase with the use of loupes.

How can loupes decrease the risk of eye damage with a laser?
Surgical loupes magnify the object in focus by relying on the refraction of light that passes through the lenses. Loupes can increase the amount of light that enters your eye, making the risk of eye injury significantly higher with lasers. The eye’s natural protective mechanisms, such as the blink reflex, are not found to be effective against lasers used in surgery, resulting in potential eye injury. Therefore it is essential to use laser filtration while using loupes.

Loupe laser clip ins and inserts
The best surgical loupes are not manufactured with laser filtration glasses, which explains the rationale for additional protective glass. They protect the sensitive photoreceptors of the retina from thermal and chemical damage by direct or indirect laser light. The loupe inserts or clip-ins are laser filtration glasses that can be fitted onto the loupes to protect your eyes from damage. They are made of glass or polycarbonate lens filters that efficiently reduce the intensity of the laser light that reaches the retina, thus preventing corneal and retinal damage.

There are multiple laser protection options available for most styles of loupes. While loupes simplify the procedure, wearing loupes for a longer time is difficult for the clinician. An additional glass on the loupe may interfere with the fit of the loupe. As a response, Innovative Optics has created over 25 different clip-ins to custom fit your loupes. The clip-ins fit securely between your eyes and magnifying loupe frame. Laser procedures can be performed with the highest precision and safety with the help of loupe laser filtration products from Innovative optics.

Successful practice requires ensuring the optimal safety of the clinician. For a healthy and safe practice, order your laser inserts now!