Solea Laser Clip-In: Univet Ash™


We recommend using our InView Regular or Legend Laser Clip-In to fit your Univet® Ash Loupes. Your Ash frame is available in two sizes. We will insert our light gray polycarbonate laser filter rated to protect your eyes from Solea laser’s wavelengths.

Filter specifications: 520-532nm (OD .49), 9000-11000nm (OD 7). Please Add to Cart.

There are additional laser protective options available for these loupes. To ensure that we find the best one for you, we recommend trying one of our Fit Kits. This is a 2-week, cost-free trial of all the potential inserts that work for your style of loupes. If interested, please fill out the Fit Kit form

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Small: IVR.Pi19 Laser Clip-In
Large: LM.Pi19 Laser Clip-In


Laser Type: KTP, CO2

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