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The Laser Clip-In

Our patented Laser Clip-In is designed to be worn with magnifying loupes when working with a laser. With many loupe manufactures available, we have created over 20 different clip-in shapes and sizes to custom fit your frame. We manufacture nearly clear glass lenses, with the ability to custom match your laser and specific laser wavelength(s) while offering excellent visibility. The laser clip-in inserts between your eyes and the loupe frame.

Laser Clip-In

Laser Loupes

The NEW multi-wavelength laser loupes from Innovative Optics are the only laser loupes which provide magnification and laser protection for nearly every medical laser. The lightly tinted lenses in the scopes offer the user the ability to see colors clearly such as blood vessels and veins. Loupes are 2.5 magnification, a standard working distance of 16-21 inches, and choice of three different interpupillary distances.

Mult Wavelength Laser Loupes


Multi-Coated, Custom Laser Glasses

Don’t let our design fool you! A revolutionary new product, carefully designed allowing us to combine multiple glass and polycarbonate materials together within one laser eyewear frame. Our new laser filters are lightly tinted offering excellent visibility and provide laser protection for any laser wavelength combination needed. The C-Series laser glasses eliminate the need to rotate between multiple pairs of laser glasses throughout the day; reducing the risk of under-protection and the high costs associated with purchasing multiple different laser glasses.

C500 Series - Multi-Coated Laser Glasses

PTCE - Patient Laser Goggle

Adjustable, Stainless Steel

Our patented patient laser goggle has many adjustable features. Push button technology allows clinicians to adjust interpupillary distance for different patients. The high-arching nose bridge pivots up and down to allow for tight procedures around the eyes. Furthermore, our eyecups are completely detachable to provide any additional necessary maneuvering.

A best-selling product for a reason.

PTCE-Adjustable Patient Laser Goggle