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High-quality laser safety eyewear

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Eye Protection for Patients, Surgeons, and Their Teams

Without adequate protection, medical lasers can cause injury to your eyes and those of your patient and medical team. From custom laser safety glasses that protect against any wavelength combination to clip-in laser protection to use with your favorite loupe, Innovative Optics has an eye protection solution for you.

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Laser Safety Eyewear and Accessories

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701 white frame gi1 lens innovative optics

Laser Glasses

Custom protection against any wavelength combination

Patient Protection

Goggles, corneal eye shields, lid plates, and disposables

IPL Eyewear

Eye protection against Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Pediatric Glasses

Laser safety eyewear for infants, small children, and teens

Laser Clip-Ins

Drop-in eye protection compatible with your loupes

Primo GiT7 front laser eye protection

Laser Inserts

Are designed to be worn with magnifying loupes when working with your laser

Innovative Optics

Laser Safety Accessories

Innovative Optics carries eyewear straps, replacement eyecups, clip-on magnifiers, and any other laser safety accessory you require.

PTCEIII Blue Adjustable Patient Goggle