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The Renegade Laser Insert

Our popular, patent-pending Renegade Laser Insert is designed to be worn with magnifying loupes when working with your laser. The insert slips between your eyes and the magnifying loupe frame. We can manufacture the Renegade Insert with glass or polycarbonate lens filters, with the ability to custom match your laser and specific laser wavelength(s).

Although Innovative Optics is not affiliated with any loupe manufacturers, we have designed our Renegade Laser Insert model to fit almost any loupe.

Please select the Renegade that works for your laser wavelength

Gi1 Renegade Laser Insert

900-925nm (OD4)
925-1000nm (OD5)
1000-1025nm (OD6)
1025-1400nm (OD7)
1400-2400nm (OD5)
2770-10,600nm (OD4)
10,600nm (OD5)



Pi1 Renegade Laser Insert

800-830nm (OD5)



Pi3 Renegade Laser Insert

190-532nm (OD7)
850-900nm (OD5)
900-1070nm (OD6)
960-1064nm (OD7)



Pi4 Renegade Laser Insert

190-450nm (OD4)
655-665 (OD 1.5)
730-1085nm (OD5)
755nm (OD7)
1064nm (OD7)



Pi5 Renegade Laser Insert

190-470nm (OD 5)
600-800nm (OD 1)
800-1750nm (OD 5)
830-1700nm (OD 6)
840-1600nm (OD 7)
870-1140nm (OD 8)



Pi8 Renegade Laser Insert

1010-1091nm (OD5)
1020-1078nm (OD6)
1030-1070nm (OD7)



Pi10 Renegade Laser Insert

2780-3000nm (OD4)

Pi17 Renegade Laser Insert

200-455nm (OD5)
650-665nm (OD1)
725-800nm (OD5)
800-955nm (OD 4)
955-1080nm (OD 6)



Pi18 Renegade Laser Insert

190-532nm (OD 7)
720-770nm (OD 7)
770-800nm (OD 6)
800-1077nm (OD 7)



Pi19 Renegade Laser Insert

520-532nm (OD.49)
9000-11000nm (OD 7)



PP16 Renegade Laser Insert

190-532nm (OD6)
5000-11000nm (OD6)



Renegade Laser Insert-FAQ

Does the Renegade Laser Insert have CE markings?

Yes, the Renegade Laser Insert has CE markings. Renegade Declaration of Conformance PDF

Can the Renegade Laser Insert fit every loupe?

No, the Renegade laser insert can fit most loupes. We recommend trying our Loupe Fit Kit, a free 2-week trial of all our laser clip-ins and inserts. Simply fill out our Fit Kit Form and we will contact you shortly.

Why is the Renegade Insert sent with temple pieces?
The temple pieces help distribute the weight of the insert by using your head as the support vs just the loupes.
Do you need to use the attached temple pieces?

No, you can choose the remove them. We include a screwdriver with any Renegade Insert shipment to remove them.

Do you need additional side protection filters when using the Renegade Insert?

No, side protection is built into the Renegade Laser Insert.

How do I clean/sanitize the Renegade Insert?

We recommend cleaning the Renegade with mild soapy water, or by spraying the insert with Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture. See our full cleaning instructions: Cleaning and Disinfecting PDF

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