The Laser Insert


The Renegade Laser Insert

Our popular patent pending Laser Insert is designed to be worn with magnifying loupes when working with your laser. We manufacture the Renegade with glass or polycarbonage lenses, with the ability to custom match your laser and specific laser wavelength(s). The glass lens filters are nearly clear in color for great visibility. The insert slips between your eyes and the magnifying loupe frame.

Though Innovative Optics is not affiliated with any loupe manufacturers, we have designed our Laser Insert model to fit almost any loupe.

Please select the Renegade that works for your laser wavelength

Renegade Gi1 lens innovative optics 2

Gi1 Renegade Laser Insert

900-925nm (OD4)
925-1000nm (OD5)
1000-1025nm (OD6)
1025-1400nm (OD7)
1400-2400nm (OD4)
2770-10600nm (OD4)
10600nm (OD5)

Pi4 Renegade Laser Insert

190-315nm (OD6)
315-440nm (OD4)
730-1085nm (OD5)
755nm (OD7)
1064nm (OD7)

Pi8 Renegade Laser Insert

1010-1091nm (OD5)
1020-1078nm (OD6)
1030-1070nm (OD7)

PL7 Renegade Laser Insert

520-532nm (OD.49)
9000-11000nm (OD 7)

Stylish, affordable, and effective -- Look for yourself.

Dental professionals, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons love our best-selling laser clip-ins.