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Laser Warning Signs & Labels – Free to Use / Download

The following Laser Warning Signs (free download) are courtesy of Dan Little from WorldLink Biomedical, and the Technical Director of Laser Training Institute of Professional Medical Education Assn. They’re free. Just print them out and edit them with your laser’s specs, or hand write in the power or energy output. You can find these Power/Energy specs on an FDA label on the back or side of your laser. Use the info from the main laser – not the aiming beams. You can contact Dan at – Send him a thank-you if this helps you.

alexandrite laser warning sign

These are the newest laser signs for medical/aesthetic laser use, approved by ANSI in 2018. We encourage you to use these yellow “warning” signs because they tone down the level of the warning (appropriately) and don’t make it seem so intimidating to those with little knowledge of lasers. These are the signs that you’ll find in the files below.

laser signs 1

These are the “old” (post 2005) laser danger signs for medical/aesthetic laser use. ANSI says that you may continue to use these signs if you have them, but we’d encourage you to print the new “warning” signs instead. After all – they’re free here.

ANSI Z136.3 requires that Laser Signs be posted to all entry ways into the Laser Treatment Controlled Area (LTCA) which is usually the entire room where the procedure is done. The sign should have the laser name and/or wavelength listed along with the maximum power/energy output. See details on labeling in ANSI Z136.3 . These are some generic signs you are welcome to copy and print to use for your facility. They are the new signs as specified in the 2018 standards. There are no specifications on the size of the sign – just the layout and wording, including colors. Print these out on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper (landscape orientation) and laminate for your entryway laser signs. They should be taken down or turned over when the laser is not in use – per the ANSI recommendations.

The Laser name and wavelength is filled out for you for most of them. You’ll need to open them in a picture editing program and add the maximum power output of your laser in that space, or wavelengths where needed. You can also just hand write them in – legibly and boldly.

All of the fields are editable so if you have a special laser or certain wavelength range just select and edit that information, or delete it and add your own. If you don’t know the information for you laser, look at your operators manual, or the small FDA label on the back of the machine somewhere that has the emitted wavelength(s) and maximum output power (in watts) or energy (in joules). If it’s a Continuous Wave Laser you’ll list: OUTPUT POWER in watts, and if it’s a pulsed laser you’ll generally list OUTPUT ENERGY in joules.

Simple directions for editing the .doc files
Simple directions for editing the .jpg files

You may choose to download either the .JPG or the .DOCX versions of the Laser Warning Sign:

  • CO2 Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Ho:Yag Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Nd:Yag Laser (Continuous Wave)   JPG   DOC
  • Nd:Yag Laser Q-Switched   JPG   DOC
  • Nd:Yag Laser (Q-Switched Ophthalmic)   JPG   DOC
  • Nd:Yap Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Er:Yag Laser   JPG   DOC
  • CuBr Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Pulsed Dye Laser 585-605nm   JPG   DOC
  • Pulsed Dye Laser 504 nm   JPG   DOC
  • CW Dye Laser 630nm   JPG   DOC
  • Krypton Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Argon Laser   JPG   DOC
  • KTP Laser    JPG   DOC
  • KTP Laser Q-Switched   JPG   DOC
  • KTP/Nd:Yag Laser   JPG   DOC
  • KTP/Nd:Yag Laser Q-Switched   JPG   DOC
  • Alexandrite Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Alexandrite Laser Q-Switched   JPG   DOC
  • Alexandrite Laser – Picoseconds   JPG   DOC
  • Diode Laser – Invisible 3B    JPG   DOC
    Diode Laser – Visible 3B   JPG   DOC
    Diode Laser – Invisible 4   JPG   DOC
    Diode Laser – Visible 4    JPG   DOC
    Ophthalmic Diode Laser 3B   JPG   DOC
    (fill in your own wavelengths & powers, & edit whether invisible or visible)
  • XeCl Excimer Laser 308nm   JPG   DOC
  • Ruby Laser   JPG   DOC
  • Ruby Laser Q-Switched   JPG   DOC