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We offer several patient protection solutions including patient goggles, disposable eye shields, dispoasable skin shields, and ocular laser shields.

What Can We Help You Find?

PTCE Patient Goggle

Our patented PTCE Patient Goggle has been considered the top-of-the-line goggle for many years. Recent updates, to the nose bridge and eye cups, have provided the PTCE goggle with unmatched adjustability and ease-of-use. The nose bridge can swing 180 degrees and easily adjusts for different pupillary distances. The stainless-steel eyecups have been permanently coated with high grade silicone for added patient comfort.

  • Laser and IPL protection
  • CE Certified
  • Includes silicone strap and hard case.
  • Can be sterilized in solution or autoclaved.
ptceIII blue

Doctor’s Testimonial

“I cannot treat without these. They’re very sophisticated. We use these on every patient.”
Dianne Quibell


626 Patient Goggle

Our 626 Laser Safety Goggle provides unmatched versatility and comfort to patients. With an adjustable high-grade silicone strap and nose bridge, the 626 fits all patients from infants to adults.

626.Pi23.Pi17 patient goggles

Doctor’s Testimonial

“Innovative Optics has been at the forefront in helping develop laser safety glasses for newborns, toddlers, infants, and even teenagers.”
Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow


Disposable Eye Shields

Vanalay disposable eye shields are available in 2 protective options: Laser & IPL. The comfort adhesive layer makes for easy application, adjustment and removal without damaging eyelashes. Vee-Shields are latex-free and hypoallergenic.

IPL-Aid eye shields box front

Disposable Skin Shields

Block out light radiation with Blocky Skin Shields®, the disposable shields designed to protect patients’ skin from Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Lights).

Ocular Laser Shields

  • Ocular laser shields protect patient’s eyes during medical laser procedures
  • Designed to conform to the globe with a vault over the cornea
  • Non reflective dull exterior surface disperses laser beam
  • The inside surface has a mirror finish providing easy insertion and comfort for the patient
  • Posterior surface and rounded edges are highly polished and atraumatic
  • Constructed from thin stainless steel for minimal lid distortion
  • Each laser eye shield includes an attached handle for insertion and removal
  • Ocular Laser Shields are universal and fit both right and left eye
  • Autoclavable
ocular laser shield ap

BBCE Patient Goggle

Our BBCE Patient Goggle features high grade silicone permanently bonded to the rims of the stainless-steel eyecup, providing the patient more comfort. The maneuverable nose bridge and low-profile design makes laser and IPL treatments around the sensitive orbital area significantly easier for the practitioner.

  • Laser and IPL protection
  • CE Certified
  • Includes silicone strap and hard case.
  • Can be sterilized in solution or autoclaved.

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