IPL Eyewear

Intense Pulsed Light Eyewear Products

8×2 – IPL Glasses

This fit over frame comfortably fits over prescription glasses and has a protective design that ensures no overlapping of temples. The 8×2 IPL Glasses protect against all IPL wavelengths.

701 – IPL Glasses

The 701 frame design is light weight, and wraps around the face. Fits over prescription eyewear. Bendable temples for user comfort and removable nose-bridge. IPL shade 3 & 5 protect against all IPL wavelengths.

PTCE: Adjustable Patient Goggle

Our patient goggle has many adjustable features: pupillary distance, high-arching nose bridge pivots, and eyecups are detachable. Made of stainless steel, protects against all laser and IPL wavelengths.


Disposable eye-shields available in Laser-Aid, IPL-Aid, LED-Aid, and Derm-Aid. Each disposable shield is for one-time patient use.

Stylish, affordable, and effective -- Look for yourself.

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