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Pediatric Laser Eyewear-FAQ

What does Innovative Optics offer for pediatric frames?
Innovative Optics offers the 626 (adjustable patient goggle) & MX laser glasses (wrap-around frame style).
Do you offer laser protection for infant patients?

Yes, the 626 is also an infant laser patient goggle. The MXS frame is not compatible for infants as they only fit toddlers (2+ years old). Learn more about the 626 Laser Patient Goggle

Do you offer any adjustable pediatric laser goggles?

Yes, the 626 Patient Laser Goggle is completely adjustable with both an adjustable silicone nose bridge and head strap. The laser goggle can fit anyone–infants to adults.

What eyewear do you recommend for port-wine stain laser treatment?

When using a pulsed dye laser, we would recommend using our 626.Pi7 Laser Patient Goggle, as this covers 595 nm and 585 nm wavelengths.

What eyewear do you recommend for infant tongue-tie laser surgery?
We recommend using the 626 Infant Laser Goggles.
How do I clean the 626 Patient Goggle?
The body of the 626 Goggle and lenses can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, while the white silicone components can be autoclaved or cold sterilized. Do not soak the lenses of the 626 in water. Check out our Cleaning and Disinfecting pdf to learn more.