626 Laser Goggles

Patient Protection Goggles That Are Safe and Efficient

Laser Safety Goggles

626 Laser Goggles

Patient Protection Goggles That Are Safe and Efficient

Laser Safety Goggles


Our 626 Laser Safety Goggle provides unmatched versatility and comfort to users. With an adjustable high-grade silicone strap and nose bridge, the 626 fits all patients from infants to adults. We can customize several lens options into the 626, including our popular GiT7 lens, which covers all dental and curing light wavelengths.  


  • Removable high-grade silicone eye cups and straps 
  • Multiple lens options 
  • No damage to eye lashes  
  • Fit most companion animals  

626 Patient Goggle Options

FAQ – 626 Patient Goggle

What is included with 626 Goggle?

The 626 Goggle Kit Includes…

  • 1 adjustable and removable high-grade silicone strap
  • 1 adjustable and removable high-grade silicone nose bridge
  • 1 pair of removable high-grade silicone eye cups
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 hard eyeglass case
  • 1 DFU
Can the 626 Goggle fit any patient?

Yes, this Patient Goggle Fits infants all the way to adults.  When applying the Goggles, ensure there are no gaps.  If there are any openings, adjust the strap or nose bridge to customize the fit.

Does the 626 Goggle work for all lasers?

No, the 626 safety goggles have lenses designed to be used with specific lasers. However, we can customize the goggle lenses to be used with any medical or dental laser. Always check the laser eyewear requirements to confirm both patient and user protection has sufficient protection levels.

Can I buy extra silicone straps or inserts?

Yes, we do sell replacement silicone eyewear straps and eyecups/inserts . Check out our accessories page at https://innovativeoptics.com/accessories/

Can the 626 Goggle be sterilized?
The components of this Goggle which touches the skin can be disinfected or sterilized— including the head strap, nose bridge, and silicone inserts (removable).
How do I clean the 626 Goggle?

The white silicone components can be autoclaved or cold sterilized. The goggle body/lenses can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.  Check out our page on proper cleaning techniques:  https://innovativeoptics.com/faqs/

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