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PTCEIII-Blue Adjustable Goggle

Protective Goggles for Laser and IPL

Top-of-the-line Goggle for Laser and IPL Protection

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Our patented PTCE Patient Goggle has been considered the top-of-the-line goggle for many years.  Recent updates, to the nose bridge and eye cups, have provided the PTCE goggle with unmatched adjustability and ease-of-use. The nose bridge can swing 180 degrees and easily adjusts for different pupillary distances. The stainless-steel eyecups have been permanently coated with high grade silicone for added patient comfort. 

  • Laser and IPL protection
  • CE Certified
  • Includes silicone strap and hard case.
  • Can be cold sterilized or autoclaved.

PTCEIII-Blue Adjustable Goggle Options

FAQ – PTCEIII-Blue Adjustable Goggle

Can the PTCE Patient Goggle fit anyone?

The PTCE Goggle is designed to fit any adult. When applying the goggles, ensure there are no gaps. If there are any openings, adjust the strap or nose bridge to customize the fit. If you cannot get a secure fit, do not proceed with the procedure, and call us for other product suggestions.

Does the PTCE Patient Goggle have CE and UKCA markings?
Yes, our PTCE Patient Goggle has both CE and UKCA certifications. 

Declaration of Conformance PTCEIII CE V2

Does the PTCE Goggle cover all lasers?

Yes, this Goggle is approved to be used for any current medical or dental laser. Always check the laser eyewear requirements and confirm both patient and user have sufficient protection levels. We have Certified Medical Laser Safety Officers on staff if you have any questions about your laser(s). 

Can I use this Patient Goggle for both laser and IPL treatments?

Yes, the PTCE Goggle is approved for both laser and IPL treatments.

Does the PTCE Patient Goggle protect from LED light?

Yes, the PTCE Goggle blocks out all LED light.

Does the silicone ever come off?

No, the silicone is bonded to stainless-steel eye cups.

Can I buy extra goggle straps?

Yes, we do sell these items separately. Check out our accessories page.

Can this be sterilized?

Yes, the PTCE (including the silicone head strap) can be disinfected with alcohol—or sterilized in an autoclave or cold sterilization. 


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