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Gi1, Renegade Laser Insert

900-925nm (OD 4)
925-1000nm (OD 5)
1000-1025nm (OD 6)
1025-1400nm (OD 7)
1400-2400nm (OD 5)
2770-10600nm (OD 4)
10600nm (OD 5)

900-925nm DIR LB4
925-1000nm DIR LB5
1000-1025nm DIR LB6
1025-1400nm D LB6 + IR LB7
1400-2400nm DI LB5 + R LB3Y
2770-10600nm DI LB4 INVO CE UKCA

Mineralzed glass



Renegade.Gi1 Laser Insert


  • Wrap-around design 
  • Handles are designed to easily slip the Renegade Insert in and out of your loupes
  • Included temple pieces reduce weight


Lens Material: Glass
Lens Color: Clear
Laser Type: Diode (940-980nm), Nd:YAG, Ho:YAG, Holmium, CO2, Erbium, Er:YAG, Er:YSGG, Fractional

1 review for Gi1, Renegade Laser Insert

  1. Dr. Gilly Munavalli

    When performing cutaneous laser treatments, roper eye safety and optimal visualization of the targets on the skin surface is critical . I think the Innovative Optics inserts are a tremendous asset to any laser user that has loupe magnification. The stock glasses shipped with most lasers, although safe, are not designed to be used by operators with prescription glasses, loupe magnification, or for those suffering with type of red green color blindness (can filter out the aiming beam) I would highly recommend these inserts.

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