Why the Fit Kit? 

The fit, comfort, visibility, and functionality of eyewear and patient protection can be difficult to determine when shopping online. We designed the Fit Kit, so you can try any of our specialty products before you buy.   

How does the Fit Kit work? 

Fill out the Fit Kit Inquiry Form to qualify.

Once you receive your Fit Kit, try on all the eyewear options to see what works best for you and your patients. If you have any questions about the eyewear, one of our knowledgeable staff members will be available via a video or phone call.

14 DaysWe understand schedules are busy, so we give you a full 14 business days to try the eyewear and patient protection at no cost to you.  

How do I return the Fit Kit?

Once your two-week trial is complete, please use the enclosed return label to send the Fit Kit back to us.  

Please do not return the Vee-Shield samples if you received any in your kit, these are yours to keep! 

Non-returned items are subject to charges equivalent to the full retail price. 


How do I order?

For your convenience, we include an order form if you would like to purchase any of the items contained in the Fit Kit.  You can also contact us directly to place your order. 

Every face is unique, find a frame style suited for you. 

Loupe Fit-Kit 

In general, we recommend a specific clip-in or insert based upon your make and model of loupes. However, everyone’s face is different, and the same style of loupes might fit the next person differently. To find the best solution, we send out a few different options to see which one suits you best.  

There are also typically multiple lens protection options available depending on your laser(s). The Fit Kit allows you to try out each laser Insert and Clip-In to determine which ones you prefer. 

Staff Fit-Kit 

Our safety eyewear is available in different frame styles (I.e., fit over, sporty, specialty, etc…) and depending on your laser(s), there could be multiple different lens options as well. Our Fit Kit provides your staff with the opportunity to try the eyewear on and determine which options work best for everyone. 


Patient Fit-Kit 

We offer several safety eyewear options for patients. There are multiple factors to consider when determining what would work best for your patient such as procedure, age of patient, laser type, etc… Our Fit Kit is the perfect solution to help you determine which option would work best for your practice.  

In order to get your very own Fit Kit—please fill out the form below 

Available in the U.S. only 

Fit Kit Inquiry Form  

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