Laser Safety Officer Course

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a more competent aesthetic laser provider. Having completed the Foundations of Laser & Light course you have a fundamental background in the history, physics and controlling tissue light interactions. We provided you with a basic understanding of laser safety on what’s important and should not be overlooked (eye, fire, smoke plume and hazard zones) in the clinical/surgical setting.

With that knowledge firmly in your library, it’s time to consider becoming a Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

Things to consider:

  1. If you do not have a documented LSO for your facility and an incident occurs the
    most senior person will be, by default, considered the LSO (training or not).
  2. If you have documented training as an LSO your liability exposure decreases and
    possibly a decrease in insurance premiums.
  3. Confidence that you now have your administration details in order.

The Office Based Laser Safety Officer is the perfect complement to the Foundations of Laser & Light course.

It’s a great time to finish what you started!

Please visit to register.

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