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Orascoptic Loupes

Innovatic Optics – Vision by Orascoptic Loupes

For years Innovatic Optics has been manufacturing professional, non-professional and factory-driven eyewear to fit your needs. No matter what you need Innovatic has the eyewear to meet your specifications. Innovatic is known for high quality eyewear that are designed for comfort and look. They have something for everyone whether you are a collector or a fashionista.

Manufactured Orascoptic Loupes Eyewear

They manufacture eyewear under the brands Innovatic Optics, Smartsmart and Groupe Morville. Some of their most popular eyewear brands are Smartsmart II, NewTech, Innovated, Smartsmart 2, Indigen and Smartsmart 3. They also have a line of Prosthetic Optics eyewear that are worn by individuals who require corrective eye surgery. The glasses are called Eyewax Prosthetic Optics and are designed to help with the lenses and cover the entire eye socket.

When buying Innovations Eyewear you are assured that they are made to high standards and are not just mass produced. Innovations’ technicians work hard to make sure that your glasses and accessories to match your eye color. All Innovations eyewear is manufactured in California.

Innovation optical orascopitc eyewear is available for all ages from toddlers to seniors. They offer an array of styles to fit everyone’s needs.

The lenses are CZ or Day-Glo coated to improve image quality. The lenses are all prescription, so no matter what you are wearing, the lenses will help with the vision. Innovations Eyewear has a line of complete lenses, accessories and frames. All of their products are precision made to be durable and easy to clean.

Most of the Innovations optics glasses and accessories are made to order. This means you can get them right away. You can contact Innovations and make an appointment for a free consultation. They will recommend a custom-made frame for you. You can choose the frame from their catalogue.

Innovations offers an array of features such as elastic retraction, dual wave function correction, deep-view and multi-focal. They also offer construction glasses and designer frames. When you need a fit that is customized, Innovations takes care of that as well.

Innovations made their own innovative optic lenses using the latest technology. They use either Oasys or CZ Coating. Each layer is tested for strength and other parameters before being placed on the glass.

Innovative Optics uses interchangeable eyeglass lenses and can even reposition the eyelets. This lets you keep your eye sight where you want it.

Innovative Optics’ Eyewax Prosthetic Optics glasses are made in China by the well-known OEM’s. These OME are made with quality material and are offered at a good price.

Innovations offers safety glasses and orascoptic loupes for children, including eyewash Prosthetic Optics which helps prevent bacterial infections and fungal problems. This is especially important if you have young children. As your child grows, they will continue to use these glasses, or be trained in using them when required.

Innovations has a selection of eyewear for all occasions and tastes. There is something for everyone from the new designer eyewear to the specialty glasses that are perfect for your needs.

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