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701.Gi1 Fit Over, Excellent Visibility, Bendable Temples

900-925nm (OD 4)
925-1000nm (OD 5)
1000-1025nm (OD 6)
1025-1400nm (OD 7)
1400-2400nm (OD 5)
2770-10600nm (OD 4)
10600nm (OD 5)

900-925nm DIR LB4
925-1000nm DIR LB5
1000-1025nm DIR LB6
1025-1400nm D LB6 + IR LB7
1400-2400nm DI LB5 + R LB3Y
2770-10600nm DI LB4 INVO CE UKCA

Mineralzed glass



701.Gi1 Laser Glasses

900-925 DIR LB4
925-1000 DIR LB5
1000-1025 DIR LB6
1025-1400 D LB6 + IR LB7
1400-2400 DI LB5 + R LB3Y
2770-10600 DI LB4 INVO CE

Our 701 Gi1 White laser glasses are designed with great quality and customization in mind. The 701 frame has a universal fit with bendable temples and a fit-over design. The 7 different color options allow you to come up with your own organizational system.


  • Universal fit
  • Can attach head straps for added security.
  • Multiple frame color options: White, Gunmetal, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Zebra.


Laser Type: Diode (940-980nm OD 5), Nd:YAG (1064nm OD 7), Telecom (1320 nm OD 5), Tm:Diode (1470 nm OD 5), Thulium (1480 + 1940 nm OD 5), Ho:YAG (2100 nm OD 4), Er:YAG (2780 – 2940 nm OD 4), CO2 (10,600nm OD 5)


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